“With 2 Vignobles Capdemourlin, we are satisfying a demand from new consumers who are modern and young, but seek equally high standards of quality in the wines they select.”

- Thierry Capdemourlin




2011 vintage
Superb presentation.
Dress intense black cherry, light amber border.
Complex nose, mineral, chalky with hints of fruit also infiltrated, menthol and oriental spices.
Mouth concentrated, powerful, wealthy, generous with crunchy tannins, "fresh", very classy.
Remarkable finish, soft and very long.
A great wine in a great terroir.

2010 vintage
Superb presentation. Dress red garnet black, purple border. Racy nose, complex with notes of black fruits, white pepper, with oriental spices and white truffle.
Voluptuous mouth, "class" with fine tannins, elegant, "sweet".
Long finish, generous and spicy.
A great wine for aging, worthy of the best in a vintage exceptional.

2009 vintage
Visual aspect : superb, showing a dark, blackish hue and a garnet-red colour on the edge of the disc.
Nose : full, rich, complex aromas on fresh, mineral hints and fine delicate woody scents.
Palate : finely balanced, it is concentrated and full-bodied with rich full "sweet" fleshiness.
With good structure, it is powerful and tightly-knit on the finish.
Comment : this is a magnificent, fine laying-down wine to discover in 3 to 5 years.

2008 vintage
A wonderfully deep crimson hue with a dark purple tinge on the disc, it reveals powerful, concentrated, strong aromas of black fruits, as well as fragrances of coconut, cherries in alcohol and white blossom. Tightly-knit and concentrated on the palate, the tannins are powerful and velvety-smooth. This magnificent laying-down wine will require some patient ageing before being able to savour all its fine qualities….

2007 vintage
It shows a superb deep garnet-red hue and dark purple tinges. There are amazing fruity aromas, red and black berries, a hint of dark chocolate and mint. The first taste adds a touch of cashew; it is full-bodied and generous as it develops, sustained by elegant tannins which clearly show the tremendous ageing potential of this magnificent wine. At present, it should be left to age.

2006 vintage
A lovely, vivid cherry colour and an amber-hued disc, the nose is delightful on fragrances of small red fruits, ginger, vanilla and hints of roasting. Solid and full-bodied, it reveals a structure of ideally mature tannins before giving a fresh, long finish. This is a marvellous wine which should be aged for a further 2 to 3 years.

2005 vintage
It shows a superb dark garnet-red colour with a light amber-hued disc. The nose is extremely expressive due to the powerfulness and intensity of its aromas of cooked black cherry on a backdrop of fine woodiness, and fragrances of cedar and sandalwood. Generous and powerful on the palate, with tightly-knit, plump tannins: it possesses every quality! An excellent wine for an extraordinary vintage! Discover this wine in 3 to 5 years’ time.

2004 vintage
It has a beautifully deep cherry-red hue and an amber-coloured disc. The nose exudes lovely aromas of red fruits, vanilla and violet. This wine charms us with its full body, fine balance and mineral hint on the finish. Discover this wine for pure pleasure in 2 to 3 years’ time.

2003 vintage
With a splendid, dark garnet-red colour and a light amber-hued disc, the nose is rich, creamy and vinous on aromas of candied fruit, cashew and milky coffee. Smooth and rich on the palate, it is concentrated with tannins revealing hints of stewed fruit and peppery flavoured tannins. The finish is fleshy and long. This 2003 is a superb wine to discover now or age for a further 3 to 6 years.

2002 vintage
It shows a lovely, vivid, bright red hue and a delicate amber-coloured disc. Fresh, menthol hints on the nose are accompanied by scents of cedar and pine resin. Crisp, lively elegant and mineral on the palate, the finish is light, revealing a flavour of truffle. This 2002 is a pleasurable wine to discover in 2 to 3 years’ time.

2001 vintage
It presents a beautiful, vivid bigarreau-cherry hue and a brick-red-coloured disc. The nose reveals a lovely, expressive and complex range of aromas, with fragrances of cherry-scented, tropical fruits, zan liquorice and cinnamon. Fresh and mineral on the palate, it is sensual with delicate, soft tannins. The finish is long and spicy. This is a magnificent wine in an outstanding vintage. Enjoy now or store in the cellar for 2 to 4 years.

2000 vintage
A beautifully deep cherry-red colour and an amber tinge on the disc. It possesses marvellously warm aromas, complex fragrances of stewed fruit, orange zest and mint chocolate. Smooth on the palate, it is concentrated with rich, powerful tannins. The finish is long and spicy. This is a magnificent wine to savour now or leave to age.

1999 vintage
It presents a vivid red-brick hue. The nose is fresh, with mentholated, spicy aromas and hints of resin. It is an elegant, acidulous wine, with fine, delicate texture, revealing lovely smooth tannins. This is a wine for pleasure to enjoy now or leave to age for 2 to 3 more years.

1998 vintage
It shows a superb, bold red-brick hue. Expressive on the nose, lots of powerful aromas, scents of brown tobacco, leather, hints of undergrowth and white pepper. Smooth and full of flavour on the palate, with crisp tannin. It has excellent acidity, giving remarkable freshness on the finish. This is a magnificent wine to enjoy now or keep for a few more years.

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